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Transforming in a glance


The Upcycled by FE initiative uses the Precious Plastic machine to turn those plastics into something useful. This machine shreds, melts and then injects the melted plastic into a shaped mould.

The next thing you know, you have your product, just like a new born baby. 

Plastic such as straws, food containers, plastic bags, yogurt containers, bottle caps, shampoo bottles (mostly!), disposable plates and cups are the three types (Type 2, 4 & Type 5) of plastics that can be processed by our machines.


Our machines in the Perhentian Islands were sponsored by American Express Malaysia through their corporate volunteering Serve Together initiative. The machine in KL was sponsored by the American School of Dubai, a third machine by the American School of Doha and some upgrades by the PENJANA SIM Grant by MaGIC.


In fact, initiatives like these enable us to be more proactive in the topic of conservation, hoping to reduce waste and protect our community.

Fun fact

The Precious Plastic machines were made by David Hakkens who designed the machines as a 14 year old for his school project and released their blueprints to the world in the hope that people replicate his machines all around the world

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