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We Have Your Perfect Corporate Gifts to Your Clients.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

You probably google searching 'Best corporate gifts to clients', 'Corporate gifts ideas' or anything related. You don’t know what sort of corporate gifts to get for your long list of clients. Don't worry, we got you. We want to show you why our products are ethical and sustainable enough to make them the perfect gifts for your clients.

About our ethical corporate gift.

Upcycled by FE believes that people play the most important role in conservation. It’s the responsibility of you and me together in protecting our mother earth, by picking up one plastic at a time. Therefore, we use these collected plastics as ingredients to produce a new product.

How? You may ask. Here is how.

Our flowerpots, one of our hot selling products, are made from 100% wasted plastics found during either river cleans, lake cleans or beach cleans. Imagine when you tell your receivers about this…… Wait no!

Imagine if you were being told about this like now! How fascinating is it? The coaster in your hand now is made out of plastics you probably last saw from the Kayu Ara River area. BOOM! Your receivers will be as mind-blown as you right now

More about our corporate gift.

Apart from the fact that it’s made out of recycled plastics, here’s something you should know too. Whichever corporate gifts that you are buying from us, part of the earnings will go directly to our conservation projects such as Perhentian Marine Research Station in Malaysia.

So, to recap, not only are you directly saving our environment by removing those waste plastics around us, but you also contribute to a bigger initiative that helps us persevere those sea turtles in the Perhentian Island.

And beyond that, These gifts aren’t just gifts. They carry a bigger message to your clients. It reflects your company’s belief, how you take part to become the initiative in conservation. Besides the improved reputation, these ethical corporate gifts will very likely become a motivator to tell your receivers how he/she can do to reduce their usage of plastic in Malaysia.

Customize it with Your Corporate Identities?

Now that you are probably interested in our ethical corporate gifts, and you want them to be identical to your corporate profiles or festive message. For example, you want the colours to have red, blue and yellow with a Malaysia flag at the back, can it be done?

Consider it done! Not only colours though. You can discuss with us about the shape you prefer, the size of it etc. Believe us, this is another important message you want to send to your receivers too, and that is to remember your brand. Here are some past examples we have for you to review. Wonder how we produce it? Click here to have a look at it.

And now… Are you ready to order these cool and colourful coasters/ flower pots from us? Order here.

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