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Win Coldplay tickets

Upcycled by FE are excited to be collaborating with Love Button.  Love Button is an intentional community coming together to awaken people to the power of transforming the world with their love.  Love Button are currently on a World Tour and coming to SE Asia from November 2023 to February 2024.

The Love Button has very kindly offered Upcycled by FE 5 tickets for the Kuala Lumpur Coldplay Concert on the 22nd November 2023 to help us fundraise for our upcycling project at PPR Lembah Subang.

RM25 per raffle ticket

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Upcycled and recycled ocean plastic and river waste products by Fuze Ecoteer.jpg

Opening up your fridge and getting a cold drink out is basically what every Malaysian does under this weather. And then…you realized you don’t have a coaster to put your drink on top. Well, you may consider our awesome coasters which are made from recovered plastic from waterways and beaches around Malaysia.

It is environmentally friendly, pretty and solid! Yes, we have tested it, 3 in 1. Just so you know, every purchase you make, you will be helping to remove plastic from our waterways and beach beaches around Malaysia.

RM50 for 4



RM50 for 4

These awesome coasters are made from recovered plastic from waterways and beaches around Malaysia as well as recycling programmes at PPR Lembah Subang.  They make the perfect addition to anyone’s house or office esp those who are more environmentally conscious.

If you are or you know someone who cares about their impact on the earth then they would love this as a gift.

Ocean Plastic Yellow Plant Pot.jpg

Small pot


Each of our pots are made from plastics collected from the Upcycled initiative, making it a product that carries bigger social responsibility than other ordinary pots. Apart from the colourful outlook, it is completely up to you if you want us to drill a hole to make it a flower pot or with no hole so you can put drawing pins and stables in it.


Ohhh…..Dah lupa bagi tau! These pots are 8cm x8cm at the top and 6cm high.

RM40 for 3

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