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Like the Tokyo Olympics, We Make Your Medals From Recycled Plastic

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The topic of sustainability has been highlighted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the past ten years at least. Just when the pandemic has taken away the usual festive mood around the world, we can rest assured that the host nation Japan is still doing its level best to deliver an eco-friendly mega sports event!

In the proposal of the Japan Olympic Committee, they have stressed their intention to utilize existing infrastructure and transportations to reduce the usage of virgin resources in building new stadiums. On top of that, their proposed Tokyo 2020 Medal Project stands out as the ‘unicorn’ among other resources management initiatives.

About the Tokyo Olympic Medals

The medals are all produced by recycling used electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, earphones and laptops. As the Tokyo 2020 spokesperson Hitomi Kamizawa mentioned prior to the event, this is a unique opportunity for the Japanese to participate and be part of the bigger picture of the Olympics.

In fact, it is a precious opportunity for the general public and they cherished it. This recycling project had generated and produced 32 kilograms (kg) of gold, 3,492 kg of silver and 2,200 kg of bronze within a two-year national effort. Additionally, this project had combined all of the innovations, resources and skills from the federal government, corporates, small-medium enterprises, local schools and communities.

Hence, it is indeed a nationwide effort in ensuring it achieves the goal of producing sustainable medals for Tokyo 2020. This will not be possible without the Japanese citizens’ support, and similarly, you can make your event meaningful and eco-friendly with a similar effort.

We Make You Brand New Medals with Recycled Plastics

As our upcycling initiative continues to roll out along the Kayu Ara River, we collect many solid plastic wastes within our community. We adopted the Precious Plastic method, turning these recycled plastics products into something useful, and one that carries bigger meanings.

We produced colourful flower pots, coasters and (surprise surprise!) medals! Our client Hong Leong Bank had ordered xx pieces of medals from us, and we even customized the colour schemes to just blue and red to better suit their corporate profile!

How cool is that! Your event can have this additional eco-friendly touch with us. Your medals are just as powerful as the Tokyo Olympics’. We are able to customize to your needs, all you need to do is contact us now.

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