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Your Stress Reliever- Plants & Colourful Flower Pots from Recycled Plastics

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Working from home or at the office, there's stress even though in different forms. Many don't believe it, but we know. The stress level is high and you just feel overwhelmed by it.

You need a way to relieve your stress. Something that can take your negative attention away just for five minutes......And we believe a small pot of flowers would do the trick! Go to the nearest pasar pagi within your area, find a few that look at you and connect with you spiritually. Yes, believe us, you can indeed feel nature, as long as you slow yourself down a little bit.

Close your eyes and think of these plants as a getaway to catch your breath whenever you need to. Imagine yourself watering them every morning, looking at them while you are having your breakfast. In fact, we bet you are smiling now with just imagination here.

The stress? No way can be found.

You need all the colour

Now that you have the colour green in your plants, wouldn’t you want to collect the other colours for your house? We offer multiple colour flower pots to you, and we mean really colourful flower pots! Plus, you want to know something cool?

These are all made 100% from recycled plastics from Upcycled by FE. Those recycled plastics are collected nationwide, but mostly from the Kayu Ara River area at this moment. We adopted Precious Plastic machines to produce these recycled plastic products like our flower pots and coasters.

For every colourful flower pot that you buy, part of the earnings goes back to our conservation projects within Malaysia. In short, you buy your little plant a pot that is friendly to the earth, while adding more colours into your house, and more importantly, it helps you release stress.

Yes, you need more than just green. You need all the red, yellow, blue, purple, black and white in your house. Colour your house now!

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