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Start Composting Food Waste, Now!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

According to the Food Aid Foundation, Malaysians wasted close to 15,000 tonnes of food daily in 2016. And guess how much of it was edible food. A scary figure of 3,000 tonnes. The number goes even more alarming during the festive season.

Fortunately, you are here! That means you are concerned about the ongoing food waste war we are in, and we are here with you, delivering some tips that we know.

We will talk about how to compost your food waste. About what you can start on your own by your very next meal, and believe us, composting food waste gives us more benefits than you ever know!

Understand Your Waste

Each type of food waste has its own function depending on the content in the waste itself. For example, the waste can be transformed into a new food product if it’s consumable. On the other hand, some food wastes are just not edible anymore, think about the bones or leftovers you had from your last dinner. Turn those waste into fertilizer for plants, animal feed for those strays around your neighbourhood instead of throwing them away.

Just remember one thing though. These food wastes may still contain a certain level of nutrient values that are just enough for your backyard!

Composting is the Easiest Way to Turn Waste Around

Whether you’ve got a big backyard or a small studio, composting food wastes helps in reducing the rubbish volume in general. Food wastes such as eggshells, coffee grounds, fish bones, fruit peels, vegetable scraps are great ‘materials’ for composting. If you think about it, composting is the easiest way to make eco-friendly fertilizer for the soil.

Apart from that, we would also stress that composting is the most circular economical action one can do! (Learn more about the circular economy here.)

By composting your food wastes, it reduces gas emissions, methane and greenhouse. In case you are very cost-sensitive, an individual composting program lowers your recurring monthly costs too, besides contributing your effort to reducing food waste.

Take Lead! Do One Step More

As soon as you find satisfaction from your social duty as part of the community. You will be motivated to encourage your friends, colleagues and family members to join you in composting food waste!

Here is what we suggest to you. Sometimes, doing it all alone is scary and tense, and you have very little idea. Therefore, contact us and brainstorm together a better strategy in reducing food waste while composting it back into our homeland.

It can be as simple as initiating creating a food waste collection point from your office and ringing us a notification, we will then arrange a pick-up. Similarly, you may have stored an X amount of food waste and it’s ready to compose it on a weekly basis. Call us! We can arrange volunteers to help you side-by-side in nurturing the soil you and I step on every day.

The food waste war in Malaysia is happening, and we are not winning. But, there’s a chance as long as we start now. Join us in volunteering!

FYI: Government has started MYSave Food Programme in which the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (MOA) are the coordinators of the MYSave Food Programme which promotes the reduction of food loss and food waste in Malaysia

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